ubiquitous computing & pervasive interaction design

Howdy! We were a team of graduate students at the University of Michigan School of Information that documented an interaction design project. The project was completed in conjunction with Pervasive Interaction Design, a graduate course taught by Mark Newman. We developed concepts around how ubiquitous computing might augment human memory in any number of capacities within the next fifteen years or so—and what this might mean for users.

Concept Brief

Our team examined All Hands Active, a local makerspace, to identify opportunities for leveraging emerging technologies and concepts to improve the use of the space. After several rounds of research, we designed and prototyped the experience for a system consisting of three main parts: cloud-based data collation software, an advanced documentation system, and multiple tablet-sized touch interfaces available throughout the space. This system addresses the space’s need for better, easier documentation and social facilitation between members. By creating a smart, easy-to-use project and member database, and linking it to location, our system will, in effect, give All Hands Active its own memory. This memory would be accessible to all members of the cooperative, and when they access it, they would be augmenting their own memory.

Learn more about our process or download our final report.