ubiquitous computing & pervasive interaction design

Milestone 1: Initial Concepts

Augmenteamed presents its initial concepts after multiple rounds of ideation. We have identified both an audience and location of interest and have developed a handful of concepts on how leveraging ubiquitous computing to augment memory might improve the experience of using the space.
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Milestone 2: Formative Study

After conducting several rounds of observation and interviews as well as launching a cultural probe, Augmenteamed dives deeper into the project space, refines its design concepts, and provides further definition to the final product.
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Milestone 3: Experience Prototyping

Several weeks of preparation, user enactments, and analysis later, Augmenteamed has narrowed down and refined its design concept to focus on an array of displays and sensors that can help record user projects as well as facilitate learning and social interaction.
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Milestone 4: Demo Concept

With the research complete and the final concept selected, Augmenteamed has prepared an enactment using its members to demonstrate the system concept to the public.
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Milestone 5: Video & Final Report

Augmenteamed has prepared a product video using its members to demonstrate the system concept to the public as well as a full-length report documenting the research conducted, the system’s development, and opportunities for future research.
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